There are a lot of different bookmakers out there, so odds are you’ll have to find one that offers the best combination of offers and odds.

What Kind of Bet do You want to Place?

Do you want a free bet on your favorite team? Do you want an offer on your favorite team? Or would you prefer a fixed-odds bet where the odds are clearly laid out for all to see and there’s no doubt about how much money will be won or lost?

Your Favorite Betting Market Dictates which Bookmaker to Choose

If you like playing free bets and sometimes win them, then Sportsbet might be the bookmaker for you. If you’re more interested in fixed-odds betting, Betfair might be perfect for your needs. If it’s payouts that interest you, then William Hill is a good choice. However, if it’s a fixed-odds bet with no free bets offered then Ladbrokes might be worth considering as they have some great offers.