A Close Look at What Jackbit’s Crypto Casino Offers as Crypto Gambling Entertainment

sports bettingIn our search for a trustworthy online crypto casino, we came across a Curacao-licensed brand called Jackbit, which offers crypto slots and a virtual sportsbook. The online gambling platform actually has an extensive array of gambling products being offered internationally, including in countries that impose certain restrictions on offshore-based international online gambling operators; such as France, Germany, The Netherlands and Spain.

Jackbit accepts a minimum deposit amount of EU20 or USD20, from players looking to open an account using any of the available payment methods supported by the site. However, the crypto casino does not support crypto purchases using debit cards maintained in countries like Australia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and the United States.

Jackbit’s General Deposit and Withdrawal Requirements

cryptocurrency betting moneyGenerally, Jackbit customers are required to use the money in their account as wager for 3 times at the least. Otherwise, failing to apply the withdrawal requirement of at least 3x, will result in the payment of fees.

As far as withdrawal amounts are concerned, Jackbit’s Cashier Section allows up to EU7,500 or USD7,500 in weekly withdrawals; or up to EU15,500 or USD15,500 in monthly withdrawals,

While it takes the site at least 3 banking days to process withdrawal requests, the platform’s blockchain can process crypto withdrawals in a matter of a few minutes.

As far as winnings from crypto slots and payouts from sports betting products are concerned, the maximum amount of prize money that a Jackbit customer can win, will not exceed EU200K or USD200K.

About Jackbit’s Sportsbook

Jackbit’s sportsbook offers sports enthusiasts a wide range of betting markets that include not only major sports such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis just to mention a few. There are actually more than 50 sports disciplines with tens of thousands of monthly events offered as betting products, including the likes of Stock Car Racing, Biathlon and Floorball.

Jackbit’s Upgaming-powered sportsbook offers odds set in Decimals, Fractional or American style only. In some primary betting options, the odds offered could reach up to 97% percent, which means only 3% of the outcomes represent odds that the underdog will not win.

One thing that is particularly attractive about Jackbit’s sportsbook is the bookmaker’s bet insurance offer along with the standard sign-up bonus and exclusive VIP Rakeback offers.
A bet insurance in a way covers some of the wager staked as bet in a sports match. In the event that you lose the bet,you will get it back in the form of non withdrawable cash back but which you can use to stake as new wagers. Sports bettors though have to opt in and register to become eligible for the bet insurance.

Another engaging feature of Jackbit’s sportsbook are the major esports competitions that gamers love to watch and bet on. Popular video game titles like League of Legends, Dota 2 , CS:GO, Call of Duty, Rainbow 6, Starcraft and Valorant among many others, are available as betting products.